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Leading in Chaos

"Insights to Lead through the Storms"


The events in this book happened over three decades ago, but the  management insights learned from them, described in Leading in Chaos are even more relevant today! Managers from the front line to the boardroom are, now more than ever, still dealing with workplace problems of addiction, anger management, employee morale and stress. Partisan politics, sadly, seems to have  permeated every part of our lives—including the work place.  Negotiating the complex intricacies of bureaucracy is not just the province of government agencies. Navigating these troubled waters as a manager today truly takes 
conviction and fortitude. Through these true stories, and lessons learned, Leading in Chaos offers insight and guidance, as well as humor, that will benefit any manager.

WOW! I loved this book! A true account of how complex and difficult a working environment can be.  I.J. Neal hats off for standing firm and such diligence in your attempt to help such a dysfunctional situation.

Julie Orseske, J.D. 


Entertaining with concise pearls of wisdom for anyone stepping into leadership and management.

Stephen Goldsmith, Kennedy School of Government

The author of this book does an amazing job of skillfully extracting management truths out of real life stories. Her work and experiences in the government agency are not only surprising but encouraging.

Amazon Customer 

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