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I hope you enjoy my first book, Leading in Chaos. For years I told the stories outlined in the book to family, friends and associates. Everyone of them said "you ought to write a book! I can't believe all that happened in one agency." One friend even said "If I did not know you, I would think you made it up." Believe me, it's all true! The story that gets the biggest laugh is told in Chapter 1: TVs, Fish Fries, and Sex. How do all three of those things go together? The story that gets the biggest jaw-dropping expressions is in Chapter 5. Just let it suffice to say that each chapter has a "I can't believe it" moment.

Leading In Chaos


When I retired, after a very successful career in Corporate America, I had time on my hands and started a coaching practice. The stories just kept coming up as an example of extreme chaos or bullying or dealing with mental illness in the work place so I HAD to write the book! It's short by design. I remember something the famous author James Patterson said: "keep them wanting more!" I attempted to do that. There are several incredible stories that I did NOT include in the book. I recently moved and during the move I found the diary that I kept while I was living in D.C. It contains stories that I had forgotten. Great material for my next book!

On a personal note, I am a widow having lost my husband of 47 years in a traffic accident. I am a mother and grandmother. My sons are my greatest success story! I would love to hear from you. Use the contact button and let's connect!! Also follow me on Facebook and Instagram--Leading in Chaos.

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