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I. J. Neal is a manager/executive whose career was forged by leading in the most chaotic (and sometimes dangerous) workplace situations.  The agency chronicled in Leading in Chaos was extreme chaos. Some of her challenges were finding solutions to eliminate extreme bullying, effectively eliminating opioid usage and abuse during work hours, dealing with an employee’s mental illness and with extreme political pressure. I. J. faced and conquered all to move her organization forward. Her motto: “Calm in the midst of chaos” proved to be the right skill.  I. J. is a manager who was trained from a child that there is no such word as “CAN’T”. This is an extraordinary belief for a woman of color in a nation with a history of racism and sexism. Always the visionary, I. J. sees the big picture, stays focused on the desired result and stays “calm in the midst of chaos”.
Leading in Chaos: Insights to Lead through the Storms will make the reader think more than once “why didn’t she just quit and go home?” It’s because she had never been exposed to quitting so she just didn’t know how!  I. J., a widow, is the mother of one son and has two grandchildren. She is co-owner of Onyx Rising Financial Services, a firm that teaches women of color financial principles in order to build generational wealth.

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