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July 2020
Podcast “Tales from the Peak”.
Listen to the podcast episode with I.J. for an inspirational and enlightening discussion with host Maureen Leif as they discuss “Leading in Chaos.” I.J. provides insight into how she developed the management skills to lead in extreme chaos; how to never give up. With the civil unrest that is being displayed on American streets today, I.J. offers insight into how she dealt with racism, relaying the story of how she was the executive secretary to the grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and she provided some concrete steps all managers can take to assist in understanding people from different backgrounds, race and nationalities. Use the link below to listen:  


June 2020
Interview with TV Anchor Angela Cain:


In this audio interview, Angela interviews I.J. on how to “stay calm in the midst of chaos.” I. J. talks about her experience as a front line worker, manager, department head, deputy mayor; about the background that shaped her beliefs. She also provides concrete recommendations on how to stay calm when trouble is all around you! Take a listen to this 30 minute interview. You will not be disappointed.

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March 2019
Administration of Children and Families Management Conference Washington DC:


A very successful workshop based on Leading in Chaos was presented to senior management/leaders from the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.


November 2019
Athens Georgia Book signing.


Sponsored by Beverly Coleman of Lincoln Heritage Insurance, the Leading in Chaos book signing was a hit! Check out the pictures!